Democracy Requires Holding Leaders Accountable

I care deeply about the integrity of our elected officials. Leaders, whether in the public or the private sphere, must understand the responsibilities that come with their role. They are the most visible standard-bearers of their organizations. Holding them accountable to this responsibility protects the promise of our organizations and our communities. Holding our elected officials accountable is one of the most fundamental purposes of democracy.

Like many, I’m appalled by domestic violence no matter where it happens or who commits it. Ross Mirkarimi still holds the office of Sheriff of San Francisco, even though he pleaded guilty to committing domestic violence against his wife, even though the Sheriff is the standard-bearer for public safety. The elected leaders of San Francisco had an opportunity to take a stand during that situation, and many of them, notably including David Campos, failed to do so.

Compare that failure of responsibility with the recent action of the RadiumOne Board of Directors, which lived up to its responsibilities and held then-CEO Gurbaksh Chahal accountable for his widely reported acts of domestic violence by firing him. That corporate board sent a clear message; compare the compromised message Campos’ actions sent to all women, potential perpetrators, and domestic violence survivors in our community.

We need leaders in both the public and private sectors who will help bring out the best in our society. That’s why I’m supporting the Committee to Hold David Campos Accountable. Every voter in Assembly District 17 has an opportunity to insist on better leadership than David Campos. Only with leadership that lives up to its responsibilities will we ensure the opportunity for us to achieve the real promise of our communities.



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