Michael McCullough Joins Greylock as an EIR

I’m excited to share the news that Michael McCullough, MD is joining Greylock as an Entrepreneur in Residence. Michael and I overlapped at both Stanford and Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar and I was a Marshall Scholar. But I only met Michael when I returned to Silicon Valley and he was one of the entrepreneurs behind the amazing program QuestBridge. Over the years, Michael has consulted with Greylock on healthcare and education-related investments. This move more formally brings his expertise, networks, and creativity in-house.

Michael is a rare breed of entrepreneur and investor who energizes companies on both sides of the for-profit/non-profit divide, and this agility translated well into Michael’s success in impact and venture investing. During medical school at UCSF, Michael co-founded the revenue-generating (and self-sustaining) not-for-profit QuestBridge, with Ana McCullough. QuestBridge has become America’s market-leading ecosystem for top low-income students and diversity, supplying more low-income students to top universities in America than all other such programs combined (2,500+ students on >$1BN in aid annually), on less than 1% of the budget of the combined competition. QuestBridge places roughly half the diversity at many Ivy League and top college nations nationally. At Greylock, we have hired QuestBridge graduates with great success and they also have contributed significantly to our portfolio companies. Many of the Greylock partners (David Sze, John Lilly, James Slavet, and myself) serve on Quest’s advisory boards.

After creating a handful of other important not-for-profits to scale worldwide, Michael crossed over to co-founding several notable medical and educational companies, and was an early investor in others, as both an entrepreneur and impact investor. Michael was on the founding board of 2U (NAS: TWOU), a market leader in digital education partnered with prominent universities. Soon after, Michael co-founded Headwaters Capital, an early stage medical operator/incubator which led Series A investments in companies like HeartFlow, a medical diagnostic platform poised to remake diagnosing heart disease worldwide, and Openwater, which is creating a device that can enable us to see inside our brains or bodies in great detail. As an entrepreneur, Michael also co-founded RegenMed Systems, which revolutionized bone marrow harvest for regenerative medicine and transplants. Michael serves on the boards and advisory boards of other impact-oriented healthcare companies like Metabiota, a global leader in data science around epidemics and pandemics, and Zipongo, who works with employers and health plans to improve health outcomes.

Most recently, Michael co-founded and is developing BrainMind and the BrainMind Summits — a growing platform for innovative scientists, entrepreneurs, operators, and investors to bring important BrainMind technologies to market.

As a part-time Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at UCSF, and a former expedition physician, Michael has creatively saved lives on five continents, occasionally at risk to his own. Treating 20,000+ patients early in his career, Michael has gained a keen understanding of human behavior and the human condition.

As an EIR at Greylock, Michael will advise our portfolio companies and investment team on strategy and business development, and will help identify new opportunities. You can reach Michael at mmccullough (at) Greylock (dot) com, or contact him on LinkedIn.



Entrepreneur. Investor. Strategist.

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